ForgeFriends (aka FedeProxy) is a federated free open git for software development, using the Fediverse's ActivityPub protocol. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @forgefriends

The project website is at and there's more details about how it works at

@FediFollows @forgefriends no, this is not "a git"

you're implicitly playing into github's game when you conflate git with their service


I'm sure @joeyh knows they didn't and don't given his time writing software to work with git.

Consider, then, that he didn't say what you thought he said?


@deejoe @joeyh @forgefriends

I am genuinely not sure what they said, that's why I am asking questions.

Always happy to get feedback if there's something wrong.

@deejoe @joeyh

As I understood it from the forge friends article, this is like a free open federated alternative to github?

The most common term I've seen for instances of FOSS alternatives like Gitea etc is git?

I am not a developer though, so perhaps there is a problem with this?

What would be a better term?

@FediFollows git is a git. JGit is another git.

github is in the extend phase of embrace/extend/extinguish, where they are trying to make themselves synonymous with git, make people conflate the two, and gradually replace free software git tooling with proprietary github tooling.

This is why people get upset. Calling it "a git" helps with the conflation and helps them in their "extend" mission.

@forgefriends @joeyh @deejoe

@clacke @joeyh @deejoe @forgefriends

I'm confused.

Github don't own the term git, and I'm not recommending anyone use Github, so why does using the term git help Github?

Surely if I'm telling people about alternatives to Github, that is helping to stop Github?

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@deejoe @forgefriends @clacke @FediFollows @joeyh

I’m not sure what the others are on about, git is a “free and open source distributed version control system” and is a completely separate software from GitHub.

I haven’t heard of Gitea, GitLab, GitHub, Sourcehut, and others be referred to as “a git” though, I personally call them git repository hosting services. I hope that helps with any confusion.

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