Inventaire is a free open platform for cataloguing and sharing physical books from personal collections and independent libraries.

You can follow at:

➡️ @inventaire (in English and French)

The flagship instance is at

They have just added Fediverse support:

@FediFollows @inventaire
I recently discovered
Maybe, interesting to you?
It's forte is that its decentralised and thus uploads are permanent and not vulnerable to single-point attacks.

@amaroq @inventaire

It looks like Arweave is basically just a cryptocurrency promotion site?

If you scroll right to the bottom of the screen, it's owned by venture capital firms.

So, definitely not a good idea IMO.

@FediFollows @inventaire I thought the idea they were promoting is that one could upload material for perpetuity? Yes, it's based on blockchain technology but that doesn't make it a cryptocurrency promotion site?

@amaroq @inventaire

How companies market themselves and what companies actually do are sometimes very different things.
Can't follow any of those actors from #Misty
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