Snikket is a project to make XMPP/Jabber decentralised instant messaging much easier to use. You can follow at:

➡️ @snikket_im

The website is at

Snikket is releasing Android and iOS apps, and server hosting software, all with a consistent look, feel and branding.

The aim is to make XMPP easy enough for ordinary users, the same way Mastodon did with ActivityPub.

@FediFollows @snikket_im Looks like OMEMO is the encryption method for chat security and privacy. Good choice.

(I still need to get around to writing an overview of OMEMO and how it stacks against OTR. Spoiler, much better.)


This currently little more than nice try, far from the easy-to-use

What came as bad surprise is asking for contacts access w/o cancel option.


@textbook @snikket_im

I think Snikket is aiming for something a bit different, trying to provide apps for all platforms and also self-hosting software.

Blabber is just an android app with no self-hosting?

@textbook @snikket_im

Also, as Snikket is just XMPP, you don't have to use a Snikket app to access a Snikket instance. Any XMPP app will do.

It's Snikket's self-hosting side that I am most optimistic about, because signing up for an XMPP instance is really scary, there's no proper onboarding. That's the part that really needs the most work, I think?

@textbook @snikket_im

I hope they take your feedback on board by the way, asking for contacts without a cancel option doesn't sound good... :/

Sorry for the confusion! There is a cancel option. Your screenshot is not a permission request, just an explanation. The approve/deny choice appears in the following dialog (displayed by the OS, not Snikket).

The intention of the explanation is to make clear that the permission is not used to upload your contacts anywhere, and that it is totally okay to deny the permission.

A community member filed: - we will try to make it clearer. Thank you!

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