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Two long-awaited privacy-friendly have been announced on the Fediverse:


The de-googled is a brand new modular ethically made Android from @Fairphone which has been de-googled by @e_mydata and is now available to pre-order:


The is a Linux phone made by @PINE64. It's still not a daily driver, but is faster than the original PinePhone and is out now:

@Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64

Does anyone have sampler pictures and video of the #pinephone pro? The first one was pretty terrible, I'd like to see how far they've come.

@lorendias @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64

Just to emphasise:

PinePhone and PinePhone Pro are not meant as "daily driver" phones. They are aimed at hobbyists and developers who want to explore the latest versions of mobile Linux. Pine64 make this clear on the ordering page, and they have been boosting similar warnings on their Fedi account.

The de-googled Fairphone is a much better option if you're looking for a day-to-day phone as it uses the mature Android platform with Google removed.

@FediFollows @lorendias @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64
> PinePhone and PinePhone Pro are not meant as "daily driver" phones. They are aimed at hobbyists and developers

And yet, we are many who actually use our #Pinephone daily to make calls, send sms/mms, and do various tasks usually done on Android or iOS phones.

Loren's profile indicates they're a software developer, BTW. And a de-googled phone still depends on Google through AOSP.

@normandc @FediFollows @lorendias @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64 but, I'm sure you fall into either the dev/hobbyist/enthusiast group. I've been daily driving my Pinephone from the day I received it but for most people (as of now) it is far from being a daily driver. A vanilla AOSP build or LineageOS without flashing GApps and using F-Droid still is a better option for most people.

@jawsh @FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64 @normandc Right, I also daily drove the original for a while, back to my original inquery, the photos on the original were 2003 level bad. I noticed a new Sony camera in the Pro, and it seems people don't want to directly address my in query of if there are pictures or videos to show me how much Pro has improved over my original. I presume that the answer is that the camera is not yet working and therefore there are no pictures or videos.

@lorendias @FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64 @normandc I don't have the Pinephone Pro yet but to answer your question, it seems the camera is not yet working. PostmarketOS' site shows it as broken.

@jawsh @FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64 @normandc thank you, I am excited about the Pro, the gains in a Dev video were noticeable, while not the final destination, a big leap in the right direction for sure :)

@lorendias @FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata @PINE64
The postmarketOS wiki indicates that the camera is not yet functional on the PPP. The devs are ironing out the basics first. The back camera is a 13GB Sony sensor, so it should be much better than the generic 5MP sensor on the original Pinephone.

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