GreenFediverse is a project to list Fedi instances that use environmentally friendlier energy sources for their hosting. You can follow at:

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The list is currently available at

The project is looking for help with coding, you can contribute at or

@FediFollows @greenfediverse Does gray mean it's green? I'm confused on how I'm supposed to read this...

@Nyla_Smokeyface @FediFollows
Gray means that there is no positive result from the GreenWebFoundation. Technically it is a +1 for green in the code, there is a 0 for no result means gray, but there is no -1 for a not green status.
We decided to build a reject- and acceptlist to create our own status. Means, if the GWF says "0 = no result" we could know it better by critical research and set a new status and add infos.

@FediFollows oh it *does* have green highlights. That's odd. Last time I checked that site every column was either light gray or darker gray

@Nyla_Smokeyface @FediFollows
Ja, don't worry you were right. We updated it two days ago. 😉
Now we need to do a lot of research 🤯

I can't seem to find what GWF considers green. The reason I look for this is that in .nl we consider biomass green, but we make it from imported materials from Poland, which actually causes us to create more co2 output. Also companies that buy certificates to compensate are considered green. But compensation somewhere else isn't really green.

That's a long story. But I'd be hesitant to advertise green services when the origin and method are not immediately clear.

@FediFollows @greenfediverse
Had to split this toot up. But we should celebrate green energy! But we should also be more realistic about what is actually green.

@sexybiggetje @FediFollows
Thats why we are doing this. ;)
Do some research, as far as we can go, document it and make it transparent to everyone.
btw. the list is working again, it is synchronizing with the GWF.
We now do some research and fill the database the coming days and weeks.
If you are interested in investigation, let me know.

@greenfediverse @sexybiggetje

I think GreenFediverse uses this site as a reference point?

There's details on the site about criteria etc?

@FediFollows @sexybiggetje
I did a lot of research the last days and documented it in the database, but haven't send it through the pipeline yet. What I can tell you, there are a lot of companies who consider to be green but at the same time buying from suppliers who offering fossil energy. This is very frustrating, not the fact alone that they are not fully green, to see the motivation behind that many try to cover the real structures. Transparency is the way!

Yes, I agree. We need to make it transparant who are green by heart and who are green for marketing

Well, the URL of actually lists as green. 'This hoster is using green energy / compensation for its services.' but as I've pointed out compensation isn't green per se.

I think green is in most cases too optimistic. Same goes for forestation projects that plant monoculture. That actually hurts nature.

I'll look around more if it's possible to figure out how green something really is. I'm probably a bit zealous about this.

@sexybiggetje @greenfediverse

Maybe if there are enough people helping with the coding, there could be options to filter the list by "type of green"?

So that whatever people consider green, they can customise list to show it?

I like that. I think that greenfediverse is a good step forward 😊. Reading up on the wiki reveals some interesting pieces. I need some time but I could do some api dev at some point. Let's see.

Also makes me want to finish my solar private cloud soon 😂

@sexybiggetje @FediFollows sounds great, haha! 💚
A rating is always problematic and very complicated because there are more factors than green energy, for example efficency of the data center.
But for the future there will be a new methodic developed by the german Umweltbundesamt called "KPI4DCE" a
method for operationalization of environmental, energy and cost efficiency. The next step then will be a certificate for a data center from "Blauer Engel".

Very keen to learn about your solar cloud! Maybe you can federate with the Solar Protocol sites somehow?

@FediFollows @greenfediverse

Thanks for sharing, this looks cool 😊.
I'll sure do a write-up when everything works.

@FediFollows @greenfediverse

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