OpenSourceSeeds is a project to protect plant varieties from patents by giving them libre licences. You can follow at:

➡️ @opensourceseeds (in German and English)

The project's website is at

Are there any varieties currently being added based in the US? Starting to grow some tomatoes in a new home and would love to try some, or some easy to manage peppers.

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Hey Marc, you might also want to check out @opensourcegardens which covers similar topics.

According to OpenSourceGardens, you can get libre seeds from:

"Open Source Seeds in Europe, Open Source Seeds Initiative in the United States, Bioleft in South America"

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That's right! If you want to learn more about international groups who work with open-source strategies for seeds, you can visit our website regarding the Global Coalition of Open Source Seed Initiatives (GOSSI):

@mochsner @FediFollows
Since we are based in Germany, it's probably easier for you to contact the Open Source Seed Initiative, our US sister organisation.
They work with an open-source pledge instead of the licence approach we use.

thanks for recommending us! Our toots are, as you say, in German and English. Our website is available in German, English, French and Spanish.

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