Veloren is a FOSS open world multiplayer RPG, sort of like a cross between Breath Of The Wild and Minecraft. You can follow the official account at:

➡️ @veloren

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows from the official website at

Veloren includes online multiplayer options, and you can host your own server if you want to.

@alex9997979z @FediFollows Combat, exploration, and most other things are very different than trove. The two strongest similarities are the voxel style and the multiplayer aspect. Veloren does allow for a fair bit of grinding if you are into that but there is no pay to win.

@FediFollows @veloren it reminds me of that game that ended up being like a scam or something, that the developers left of.... I think it was call Cube World.
Looks dope :3

@Napo @FediFollows @veloren it is, it's one of the best voxel games I've ever played and you have gliders and they're awesome and the flight mechanics have been really lovingly tuned and there are airships and towns that trade with each other it's just an extremely good game

@Napo @FediFollows Veloren started as a Cube World clone! It has since evolved though cube world remains one of the major inspirations

@FediFollows @veloren
Oh my gosh I am going to have to check it out! That looks amazing. :blobaww:

@veloren looks great. Does it support dedicated servers?

@danslerush @cooper Just to let you know the yunohost version is unofficial and about 6 months old. It is still on version 0.10 whereas we just released 0.12 and we release weekly updates

@veloren OK thank you for the information. Maybe I can "push" an issue about this because it's a cool way to use our servers 😜 @cooper

@danslerush @cooper Cool! It unfortunately still be behind a client from airshipper as our launcher provides weekly builds

@veloren I totally understand your frustration but I also understand that the free software community relies solely on good will, it takes availability, people and a certain technical expertise to be able to contribute effectively … in any case, many thanks for the work done on the game itself ! @cooper

@danslerush @cooper I'm not frustrated, just letting you know. If you want to play on a veloren server with an older "stable" release you will need to download an older client from the other downloads section of the website to ensure compatibility

@FediFollows @veloren strange how my immersion in the German world made me read this as "Forever lost is the FOSS open world.."

@saper @FediFollows The name is a corruption on the German and Dutch for lost after all. It is a much better name than the original "clone world" 😅

@FediFollows @veloren step one: learn how to portforward
step two: ???
step three: make a gay little house in the vibeo game

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