Follow is the official German government portal for doing government-related paperwork online.

They have now created their own Mastodon instance at which contains some official accounts. You can find them on the instance's directory page:

➡️ (in German)

This is a really promising sign! The Fediverse can allow citizens to interact with public officials without having to give away personal data.

@FediFollows the Mastodon instance is actually run by one of the German data protection authorities (we have 18, don't ask) which itself has an account at @bfdi

@hopland @FediFollows @bfdi No, it's more a historical/legal reason. Germany is a federal state and the data protection supervision is a matter of state law. That's why we have 17 DPAs (one for every federal state, except for Bavaria which has two) and one on the federal level.

Germany does some things right for sure! 👍 Hope my own country will be inspired.

@FediFollows this instance exists for quite some time afaik. I follow some of them for more than half a year, iirc.

Anyways, you're right about that. It is a good sign and I hope more accounts will be created there. We don't need twitter and meta to provide us "social" experiences.

@FediFollows now all that's left is to dismantle the concept of government and abolish state ownership and control of anything


Not only for government-related paperwork.

Also the official communication channel of the german government and Supreme Federal Authority @Bundespresseamt joined Feb 21 :)

The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government or in short Bundespresseamt (BPA), informs citizens and media at home about the work of the German Federal Government and briefs the latter about the news situation in Germany and worldwide.

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