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is a Minecraft-style game engine with lots of games & mods, including online multiplayer. It's on Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD, Android at

You can follow at:

➡️ @Minetest (official account)

➡️ @nathansalapat (video tutorials)

➡️ @illunaminetest (world-building project)

You can also host your own multiplayer MineTest server very easily through @yunohost or @freedomboxfndn

(or if you're technically skilled just use whatever hosting solution you prefer) whenever I sign into MC they make me link my
github account of all things :gitsus:

I really like Minetest but I have friends that I've known for almost a decade on Minecraft servers I've been playing on quite literally the majority of my life.

@thatonecalculator @illunaminetest @Minetest @nathansalapat

The network effect is tough, I sympathise 😔

Guess this shows why open/federated stuff is so important, so that people don't get stuck somewhere if the owners do bad stuff...

@FediFollows well, there's one tiny problem with minetest. there has already built around a huge community and economy around minecraft that it's hard to leave it behind. my bigger issue would be that i am kind of locked in to the xbox ecosystem which in turn is owned by microsoft who own minecraft. also minetest is not so fun alone, so if i don't have friends that play it and there's only one good server i have to call it quits on that.


Yeah, it's not easy :(

That's a general problem with closed source software like Minecraft, you're at the mercy of the company that makes it. Even if they start out ok, they can sell out to a terrible company later on.

At least with MineTest you know that kind of lock-in will never happen because it's free and open source.

@FediFollows @Minetest @nathansalapat @illunaminetest Great, I added that info to a edublog that will reach thousands. ;-)

A quick question. Are there seeds for worlds already out there in a central location, easy to find? And, what education centric Minetest servers are there?


I think there is an education project in the German language at @minetest4kids

I'm not sure about in the English language world though.

Maybe @Minetest or @illunaminetest could help answer about worlds?

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