You can see the latest reports about Putin's war against Ukraine at:

➡️ @WarNews

It's a bot which collects reports related to the conflict from long-established news sources as listed on its profile page.

@FediFollows @WarNews

It's using various YouTube playlists from valid news sources about the Russian war in Ukraine.

If you have any additions please let me know so I can add it! ☮️

So you don't want to provide both sides? That's rather silly, otherwise you're just regurgitating propaganda of one side. As usual, the truth resides in the middle.


@stux @marathon0 @WarNews Völkischer Beobachter-class media rarely provide useful information.

@marathon0 @WarNews "Both sides" what..

How is that even a thing here, the "other side" according to you is Russian propaganda.. and no, I'm not gonna post that shit here. There is no "other side" lol

You're very naive. I'm a foreign policy wonk. I've followed the Ukraine issue for over 10 years. Suffice it to say I know far more than you ever will about foreign relations. If you think the MSM in the West is free, you're an idiot. Stick to what you know, because it's not politics. Hopefully your country gets its fill of Ukrainian Right Wingers, which will upset your politics for years once they and their offspring become citizens. My country has gone through this, during the last Cold War.

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