Oh my goodness! 😮

Hello to all you new people on here! 👋

FediFollows (that's me) recommends accounts to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse, you can see all the recommendations so far organised by category at:

This is just a teeny tiny fraction of the millions of accounts on here, FediFollows' aim is just to give some good starting points.

Follow me if you want to see the latest recommended follows as they are added to the list.


Hello Lisa! 👋

Hope you have fun on here. If you need help, try following my other account @feditips where I post hints and advice for new users.

@FediFollows @feditips ok thank you so much I will looks like a cool site so far..


I saw some requests for places for people with disabilities or who are neurodivergent to meet up, and thought that might be a a useful category


You're right, these would be really useful categories, I'm sorry they aren't there already. I'll try to look into that. Mastodon has lots of disabled and neurodivergent people.

Trunk has a neurodiversity category with people to follow ( but I can't find a disability category. Perhaps someone could add it by adding themselves to Trunk?

I have recommended @weirdwriter as a writer, they have often discussed disabilities. They are definitely worth a follow.

@FediFollows @weirdwriter

Thank you for the pointer to the community wiki.

You're just one person, so there's no way you could think of every decent idea. I just wanted to suggest it as a thing to consider adding to your directory.

I don't don't know if @devinprater wants to be advertised for it, but I appreciate him for nagging free software developers that we really do need to provide accessibility features. There are people who do need the help.

@FediFollows as a totally newb trying to work out the non Twitter options this is great!


First off, the Fediverse is a very *VERY* LGBTQ-friendly place, most people I know on here are queer (including myself).

One of my favourite accounts is @powderpaint, an excellent queer-themed band. Give them a listen!

However, on FediFollows I tend to post about accounts that have specific topics, and most queer people talk about other things too 😁

Over at Trunk they are more about general personal accounts without specific topics:

@paulkidd @powderpaint

If I can find some more queer-themed accounts (rather than accounts that happen to be by queer people) I will def add as a category though!

@FediFollows how do I automatically follow the accounts that you have curated?

@FediFollows Like, you seem to be doing an amazing job with curation. I trust you, and don't want to click through all the accounts in your lists.

Let's say you have curated a list of 3d graphics acocunts. I want to follow them all easily with one click.

How do I do it?


Short answer is you can't, sorry 😔

Longer answer is I really don't want to be in a position where whatever I post is automatically followed by people.

It would be way too easy for me to misuse that situation, and even if I didn't, it would be normalising a practice that someone would sooner or later misuse.

Trunk ( used to have a somewhat similar batch-following feature, but they removed it. I don't know what their reasons for removal were.


Yeah, if you're comfortable working with scripts go for it 👍

@FediFollows is there like a video that I can watch to help me understand the terminology here? Eg instance? Thanks

@nazneen @FediFollows Mastodon is open source software, meaning anyone with a server and the know how can run the server software for Mastodon. These are the instances. Each one has their own sign up page, accounts, and different rules and moderators. However, thanks to something called Federation, these instances all talk to each other. This means that if you’re on the instance, you can still follow someone on the instance and see their posts.


"Instance" means "server" or "community". It's a site where you can sign up, for example your instance is while mine is

You can get more help on my other account @feditips where I've collected a load of different guides. If you send me a message at FediTips I'll be really glad to help you with any questions you have.

There's also the promo video for Mastodon from a few years ago:

@nazneen @FediFollows the concept of instances can be a bit complex, but the benefits of it are huge. It means that no one could really buy Mastodon like Elon just did to Twitter. Some Instances have a topic, but it’s not really important unless you’re planning on posting content, from that instance since it will appear in that instance’s local public feed. Even then most of them are open to content outside of their topic being posted.

@FediFollows This is a very good on-ramp for newbies like me. Thanks.

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