The German government has its own official Mastodon server with a number of accounts you can follow:

➡️ (in German)

Germany's public digital portal is at

@FediFollows Really?!? Well the *British* government has its own official twitter accounts that... um... tweet a load of pointless regressive propaganda and lies (usually by copy and paste) and has probably never heard of Mastodon, so... um... um... [moves to Germany]

@FediFollows thanks danke DANKE DANKE to all people in Germany making this possible after so many years fighting for FLOSS, security and privacy!

Is there a way to display the timeline of a specific instance, next to my local timeline?


I think some third party apps allow this?

Also, you can see an instance's local timeline on their website without logging in, if they have a "see what's happening" link activated on their front page.

If there's no "what's happening" link, please see this post for what to do:

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