Keyoxide is a free open source identity verification system, you can follow at:

➡️ @keyoxide

The project's website is at

@FediFollows @keyoxide looks at a lot like /

For either of them, how do cross-device identities work? Can I put them on and have them available on all my devices?

@loveisgrief @FediFollows @keyoxide

This is for others to verify you. For example being sure two social media accounts belongs to the same person.

Then consider disaster recovery. You lose your laptop: how do you create new profiles and verify them?

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@loveisgrief @FediFollows @keyoxide

You can backup the key just like you can backup SSH or GPG keys. It's just a small text file after all.

@FediFollows @keyoxide cool concept but for some reason it really does not like my key? I was able to upload my key to the Keyserver but it doesn't like the format of my email address or something because it refuses to send me a verification email so when I try to use Keyoxide it can't verify me either

@FediFollows @keyoxide I love this tool/software. Self host it, seriously useful when you need a client to send you something encrypted.

@keyoxide @FediFollows I did some "identity" work today...
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