NOTE: FediFollows is a hand-picked selection of recommended accounts about specific topics, to help get your timeline started. It is just a small fraction of the millions of accounts on here.

For a much larger amount of general accounts, on a much wider range of topics, visit Trunk at (or its Spanish-language counterpart at

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(continued in thread)

The recommended categories have been updated. Please go to the new category thread at

@FediFollows looks like you pasted the Linux distros link again in place of Local and Regional.


Ohhhh nooooooo!

😖 😖 😖 😖 😖 😖 😖 😖

Sorry everyone.

I go over it again and again before publishing but I guess some errors slip through.

I'll have to fix it in the next update because the edit feature hasn't been activated yet and I don't want to break the thread.

Thanks for spotting Marty 👍

@FediFollows Amazin list, thnks! By any chance, any coffee accounts to follow :blobcattea: ?


I don't know any dedicated coffee accounts, but Trunk does list accounts that mention coffee as an interest:

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