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Works okay here?

Maybe your firewall has blocked it or something?


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@FediFollows I tried your fedilab reference in order to try to compile a Mastodon application for Android and may have picked up a Trojan virus from the source code. Has anyone else?


Fedilab reference?

Do you mean Fedilab's website?

Ping @apps , do you know anything about this?

@FediFollows @apps fedilab from I'm still scanning my computer but besides that notice the same Trojan also came up in the cache directory. This is the first virus I have ever downloaded actually. I have deleted the entire git download as well as Android studio and am checking every other directory but so far nothing else has come up.

@frasertajima @apps

Ah ok! Sorry to hear!

I'm not connected to Fedilab, you would have to speak to the app's developers about that.

I see you have already informed them on their Framagit? That would be the best place to get updates on what has happened.

If this is a virus, it is unlikely to have been anything deliberate by Fedilab's developers, they are one of the oldest and most respected on the Fediverse.

The official project is hosted on framagit at
And the new one on Codeberg

We don't know that project on github and we don't manage it.


@FediFollows @apps curious. I think. Hmm.

The other problem of course is that Android studio is downloading a ton of files that I cannot keep track of, so I would not be able to say what the source was of the Trojan. All I can report is the Windows defender notice. Please scan these files very carefully.

I had not heard of downloading viruses from GitHub previously, so I guess in future I will need to isolate the source code in a vm.

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