Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @xyzzy - Randomly generated text adventure scenarios, you can reply to interact with the scenario

🌟 @Augbot - Creates amazing giant art installations that people can go inside

🌟 @BirbsandDragons - Weird off-beat humorous webcomic about a potato bird and a noodle dragon

🌟 @coopcloud - Helping co-operatives and collectives create their own online clouds with FOSS

🌟 @opensciencevids - Posting public domain and creative commons videos about science


(recommended follows continued)

🌟 @PanzerDragoonLegacy - The internet's biggest Panzer Dragoon fansite and community

🌟 @gverbaan - Dutch actress and singer Georgina Verbaan

🌟 @christianp - Mathematician and software engineer, runs the maths-themed server

🌟 @hesir - Paints and draws intricate fantasy artwork for comics, tabletop RPGs etc.

🌟 @EU_Commission - Official account of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union


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