Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @Uni_Stuttgart - Official account for University of Stuttgart (in German)

🌟 @PINE64 & @pine64eu & @pine64tilvids - Low-price Linux-based smartphones, computers, smartwatches etc currently aimed at hobbyists

🌟 @Chess - Photos of notable chess boards and chess sets

🌟 @Harkale_Linai - Epic dream-like paintings, often with a fantasy theme

🌟 @MastOHelp - German-language help with using Mastodon



(recommended follows continued)

🌟 @kristall - Photos of natural crystals, gems, minerals etc.

🌟 @Monal - Free open XMPP Jabber messenger app for iOS and Mac

🌟 @umplus - Spanish-language astronomy website with photos of stars and space phenomena

🌟 @dzuk & @mutantstd - Designs emoji, stickers, emotes etc, also created the Mutant Standard emoji set

🌟 @MicroSFF - Very short stories that fit into a single toot, often with a fantasy or sci-fi theme


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