/ recap of today's recommended follows:

🌟 @veloren - Free open source open world RPG inspired by Cube World, with online multiplayer options

🌟 @dumdidum - Cookery and photos of dishes, especially Asian recipes, includes some meat dishes

🌟 @dctrjack - Jack Ryan, science editor of CNET

🌟 @JoeyDeruy - Abstract artist who mixes cubism with African influences

🌟 @mch2022camp - Massive Dutch "hacker camp" event in August 2022, taking over a holiday village



(recommended follows continued)

🌟 @fend - Comic artist with a modern mangaesque style

🌟 @blogroll - Human curated directory of interesting independent blogs

🌟 @bits_und_baeume - German campaign to form an alliance between tech fans and environmentalists

🌟 @birds - Photo and description of random bird from the ebird.org database, every 8 hours

🌟 @AdiFoord - Research astrophysicist at Stanford University, studing black holes and observing x-rays from space


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