Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @yesterkitchen - Videos showing to cook retro food recipes

🌟 @Hamish - Livestreamer, playing retro games, doing electronic projects and tabletop games

🌟 @CTC - Scottish organisation promoting open data and libre tech, organising workshops, user groups etc.

🌟 @Voidie3D - Environment artist creating charming 3D buildings and scenes

🌟 @worldofjosh - Urban exploration, lots of photos of abandoned buildings and structures (in French and English)



(recommended follows continued)

🌟 @spacelizard - Instrument scientist at Australian Astronomical Observatory, working on MAVIS project

🌟 @Kilirai - Illustrator, creates really pretty Miyazaki-esque scenes in fairy tale settings

🌟 @liberaforms - Free open source online forms software, can be self-hosted

🌟 @Velanch - Handmade intricately embroidered jewellery with nature themes

🌟 @HeartOfNeon - Documentary being made about the legendary Llamasoft founder and game developer Jeff Minter


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