Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @sharkland - Proud bluhaj who likes playing video games

🌟 @gajim - Free open source messaging app for XMPP/Jabber

🌟 & & - Livestreamer who plays Linux games on the Fediverse

🌟 @gwenn - Artist and illustrator who draws colourful psychedelic images of people and animals

🌟 @LABR & @live & @brothersoul - Love A Brother Radio livestreaming music shows with dance, soulful house and eclectic mix of other genres


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(recommended follows continued)

🌟 @TheComfortableSpotPodcast - Podcast series interviewing people from all kinds of backgrounds, including celebrities, academics and people with interesting stories

🌟 @johnpavan - Photographer taking pictures of New York wildlife

🌟 @louce - Academic researching sustainability and ethics of "big tech"

🌟 @byjessicaelena - Swedish artist creating cute warm drawings of flowers and nature

🌟 @DaaWeeD - Pixel artist and creator of game artwork


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