DaddysBoy1980 makes wonderful craft items in crochet and beading. You can follow at:

➡️ @DaddysBoy1980

Their website is at

By the way, check out the dragon in the picture below, it is absolutely enormous and crocheted by hand! 😮

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@FediFollows Thank you so very very much! 🥹🥹 I am so very humbled, truly honored, and thankful for your mentioning me! 😁😁🥹🥹🧸🐻🧸

@Tattooed_mummy @FediFollows @DaddysBoy1980 oh yes I saw the dragon a few days ago, I still have massive envy on all levels (for the crochet skills required to make it, and dammit I NEED a lifesize baby dragon)

@DaddysBoy1980 @Tattooed_mummy @FediFollows my house and garden are full of dragons, but nothing that impressive (size IS important)

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