The /e/ Foundation make a deGoogled version of Android and sell phones preloaded with it. You can follow them at:

➡️ @e_mydata

/e/'s website is at, and they sell deGoogled phones under the Murena brand at, including ethically-made models by @Fairphone

/e/ also provides (optional) cloud services for these phones through a custom @nextcloud instance.

@FediFollows @e_mydata @Fairphone @nextcloud How do they handle the notifications issue? My understanding based on some other de-Googled phones (aka many phones for the Chinese market) is that Google's closed source notifications back end can make push notifications tricky for folks trying to de-Google Android. Has that been a challenge here?

@FediFollows @e_mydata @unifiedpush I'll take a look, thanks! I just learned about this push notification issue this week, so I'm curious to see how others get around it, if they can.

@person72443 @FediFollows @e_mydata @unifiedpush /e/ OS doesn't have a UnifiedPush distributor installed by default, however, you can install any UnifiedPush distributor (list on onto e os and receive push notifications on UnifiedPush compatible apps ( and very soon Tusky as well!)

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