/ recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @darktable - Free open source raw photo processing and management software

🌟 & @ozmanorchis - Takes photos of plants and wildlife, especially orchids

🌟 @gotosocial - Fediverse platform which runs on cheap lightweight hardware

🌟 @midnitemoontrip - Cute kawaii-style illustrations of animals and other fun things

🌟 @opensourcegardens - Connecting gardeners using open source seeds all around the world (new address)

@FediFollows @opensourcegardens Okay, question, and I promise I am not trolling, I'm just ignorant and I would like to not be: how can a plant be open source? :spin_think:

@ADHDefy @opensourcegardens

It's a really good question.

Unfortunately many companies nowadays patent specific types of plants and seeds. They do this to try to control agriculture and make money off plants that other people grow.

To fight against this, some activists have started patenting plants too, but they issue each plant a permanent open licence that lets anyone use the seeds however they want without having to pay.

Open source seeds are plants with these open licences.

@FediFollows @opensourcegardens That is amazing! I had absolutely no idea you could even patent a plant, though I suppose it makes sense if a company is able to engineer something that's genetically unique in some way.

This is really cool, def going to learn more about this. Thanks for the answer!

@ADHDefy @opensourcegardens

Another group with similar aims (and a similar name!) is @opensourceseeds

They post mainly in German, but they have an English language site at:

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