Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @Bella - Beautiful photos of plants, nature and wildlife in Germany

🌟 @MapAmore - Promoting use of open geographical data like OpenStreetMap

🌟 @lealternative - Italian-language website about privacy-friendly apps and services

🌟 & - Developing and maintaining the Ubuntu Touch smartphone operating system

🌟 @Tangleworm - Illustrator who often draws fantasy-related portraits, and posts really useful tips for creating artworks

@FediFollows Hi! I wanted to say thank you for mentioning my account. I was really surprised when yesterday - totally out of the blue - a ton of people suddenly started to follow it. I actually had to ask around why 🙈 and thankfully got the info that you had recommended my pictures. That is very kind, thank you!

Oh hey! You're welcome! 😊

You post really nice photos and you've been doing so for years, your account definitely deserves a shout-out!

I particularly liked the photo of the deer eating from the floor of the forest!

@FediFollows Yes, the deer was so cute. They came really close and I could have touched them.
I loved your image descriptions of my photos! I was immediately thinking that I should hire you to do them for me since I am sooo bad at them 😁🙈
Have a lovely start to the week and keep up the great work!

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