The excellent free open source video editing software Kdenlive made by @kde now has a Fediverse account, you can follow at:

➡️ @kdenlive

Kdenlive is available for Linux, Mac and Windows from

If you're sick of permanently renting Adobe's "creative cloud" just to access Premiere, maybe give Kdenlive a go instead?

@kde @kdenlive

p.s. I should have added, thank you to @ChrisWere for posting that Kdenlive has an account! 🙏


Thank you for consistently letting us know about valuable accounts, in particular, the ones like this which represent useful tools/communities.


@FediFollows @kde @kdenlive great to see them here, I really hope they engage with the community!

@FediFollows @kde @kdenlive The upcoming and previous trailers were made in that nice piece of software. We still have to figure how to get full quality on Youtube :)

#videoediting #trailer #opensource

@frd @FediFollows @kde @kdenlive

Doesn't seem to work with CBR. And the video is clean after export. Quality just gets smashed by Youtube's encoder.

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