The Linux Experiment is a video channel devoted to the Linux OS, Linux software, Linux phones, FOSS, de-Googlising and related topics. You can follow at:

➡️ @thelinuxexperiment

If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see them all at

The videos cover a wide range of skill levels and distros.

Penpot is a new free open source prototyping and design platform. You can follow at:

➡️ @penpot

The first alpha version has just been released, find out more at

(Penpot was previously known as Uxbox)

SimpleTools is a community that promotes free open software which is lightweight, simply designed and easy to use. You can follow at:

➡️ @simpletools

Their website is at

GDQuest is an organisation that promotes free open source software in game development. They have a video channel at:

➡️ @gdquest

Their website is at

If the videos aren't yet visible on your instance, you can see them all directly at

The FOSS software they promote is also on the Fediverse, such as @godotengine, @Krita and @Blender

Plasma Mobile is a FOSS smartphone interface which runs on top of a Linux distribution. You can follow at:

➡️ @plasmamobile

Like its desktop counterpart Plasma, the Plasma Mobile project is run by @kde

The official website is at

Plasma Mobile provides official images for running it on the Pinephone made by @PINE64

Graham Cluley is a well-known blogger on computer security, and co-presents a podcast about it called "Smashing Security". You can follow at:

➡️ @gcluley

The blog is at

The podcast is at

PostmarketOS is a version of Linux for smartphones, based on the Alpine Linux distro. You can follow the official account at:

➡️ @postmarketOS

The official site is at

Currently the PinePhone made by @PINE64 has the best compatibility with postmarketOS.

Many other devices are partially compatible (see for their status).

Never Obsolete posts screenshots of computing, tech and gaming from times gone by. You can follow at:

➡️ @256

The posts seem to provoke a lot of memories, it is well worth reading the comments 😃

MNT Research is creating a libre laptop called the MNT Reform. You can follow at:

➡️ @mntmn

The official website is at with an English-language section about the laptop at

Mobian is a version of Debian Linux designed for mobile devices. You can follow the project here:

➡️ @mobian

The official site is at

Mobian currently runs on the Pinephone open smartphone made by @PINE64

Olimex manufactures open source hardware including low-price home servers, mini computer boards, laptop kits and components. You can follow them at:

➡️ @olimex

You can buy their hardware from

One of their most notable products is the FreedomBox kit which includes everything you need to run your own @freedomboxfndn self-hosting home server. More info is available at

Al's Geek Lab is a video account about retro gaming, technology and related stuff. You can follow at:

➡️ @alsgeeklab

Because TILvids is quite a new instance, many of the older posts may be invisible on your instance. You can see all of them at:

Kubuntu is a version of Ubuntu Linux using the @kde Plasma desktop. You can follow Kubuntu's official account at:

➡️ @Kubuntu

Kubuntu is a free open source project and is available from the official site at

Chris Were's PeerTube channel is an entertaining collection of videos about Linux, FOSS, computing, gaming and sometimes other stuff. You can follow the channel at:

➡️ @chriswere

(Also, if you want to browse the videos in the full PeerTube interface, try going to )

Chris has Mastodon accounts for non-video posts at:

➡️ @ChrisWere (computing stuff) & @ChrisWere (non-computing stuff)


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