PublicSpaces is a non-profit coalition of Dutch broadcasters, museums, arts organisations etc. campaigning for an ethical internet. They organise conferences on this topic, and run their own Fediverse servers.

You can follow at (all in English):

➡️ (main account)

➡️ (videos)

➡️ @TheTimeIsNow (podcasts)

More info at

Fediphoto Lineage is an app for Android phones which makes it as easy as possible to share photos on the Fediverse. You can follow at:

➡️ @fediphoto_lineage

It's available through @fdroidorg and has a page at

It's based on an app by @pla, who enjoyed sharing pictures on the Fediverse while out and about. PLA sadly died in January 2021, and Fediphot Lineage aims to honour his memory by keeping his project alive.

Mast-O-Help is a German-language account providing help with using Mastodon. You can follow at:

➡️ @MastOHelp (in German)

Their website is at

The Spritely Project is developing the next generation of Fediverse standards, including distributed programming and virtual worlds. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @spritelyproject

The lead developer is one of the authors of the ActivityPub standard upon which the current Fediverse is built:

➡️ @cwebber

You can find out more about Spritely on its website at

The Fedivision Song Contest is an annual event on the Fediverse where people enter new songs and on a particular day they are uploaded so the rest of us vote on a favourite. You can follow at:

➡️ @fedivision

The contest website is at

Note that the deadine of the 2022 contest will probably be extended by at least a week (the original deadline was 10th May).

Next Generation Internet (NGI) is a European Union initiative which is helping to fund free open decentralised social media like Mastodon and PeerTube, as well as many other libre online projects. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @EC_NGI

You can also follow the European Commission itself at:

➡️ @EU_Commission

The NGI website is at

If you enjoy art, the Curator at is well worth following. They recommend and boost interesting artistic accounts from across Mastodon and the Fediverse. It will give you lots of brilliant suggestions for art-related accounts to follow.

The Curator is at:

➡️ @Curator

They also run the server, so you'll occasionally see admin messages related to that.

(You don't have to be on to follow them!)

Lickability is an independent software studio and designers of the official Mastodon app. You can follow them at:

➡️ @lickability

Their website is at

Vote Chess is a set of collaborative chess games on the Fediverse. Every hour a poll appears which lets you vote on the next move, with the AI responding.

You can follow and join in at:

➡️ @VoteChess

There are several games going on at once, each game has a different coloured board and that game's AI has a different name.

BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, letting you review books, share reading lists, discover new books and interact with other readers. You can follow at:

➡️ @bookwyrm

The website is at

There are lists of instances to join at and

You can follow BookWyrm accounts from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse

Grow Your Own Services is a website encouraging beginners to start their own online cloud or social network instance. You can follow at:

➡️ @homegrown

The website is at

OwnCast is a free open source alternative to Twitch. It lets you self-host a livestream with a built-in chat system so the audience can interact with you. and the latest release now has Fediverse support!

You can follow at:

➡️ @owncast

The Fediverse support means people on Mastodon etc can follow an OwnCast streamer and be notified when they go live.

OwnCast's website is at

Gancio is a free open source collaborative online calendar which federates with the ActivityPub Fediverse. You can follow at:

➡️ @gancio

The project website is at

Gancio is aimed at local communities, so they can share a common calendar that anyone can post events to, even people without an account. (Posts are moderated to prevent spam etc.)

There's a new account called SigueFedi which is like FediFollows but in Spanish!

SigueFedi suggests useful Spanish-language accounts and instances on Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube and elsewhere on the Fedi.

You can follow at:

➡️ @fediverso

(I don't have any connection to SigueFedi, by the way. They're an independent account but with a similar task.)

Stringer is an in-development blogging platform for the Fediverse, you can follow the project at:


The project website is at and the code is at

GreenFediverse is a project to list Fedi instances that use environmentally friendlier energy sources for their hosting. You can follow at:

➡️ @greenfediverse

The list is currently available at

The project is looking for help with coding, you can contribute at or

FediLab is a free open Android app for using Mastodon/PixelFed/Friendica/PeerTube etc. You can follow its official account at:

➡️ @apps

The FediLab website is at

FediLab is free of charge when downloaded from @fdroidorg or paid when downloaded from Google Play.

They also make TubeLab (a dedicated PeerTube app) and FediPlan (a web app for scheduling posts to Mastodon etc).

PeerTube is the Fediverse's alternative to YouTube. You can follow the project's official account at:

➡️ @peertube (in English and French)

The project website is at

PeerTube is part of the Fediverse, so you can follow/interact with PeerTube content from Mastodon etc.

You can discover interesting PeerTube videos and accounts over on FediVideos:

➡️ @FediVideos

Castopod is a free open self-hostable podcasting platform with Fediverse support. You can follow at:

➡️ @Castopod

The project website is at

Support for ActivityPub means users of Mastodon etc can follow and interact with Castopod users.

Castopod is still in Alpha testing, you can follow its progress at

Nibö is a Latin American platform about science and technology, including social responsibility and inclusivity.

They've set up their own Mastodon instance with a main account at:

➡️ @equipo (in Spanish and Portuguese)

Nibö's website is at and their instance is at

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