GNU Health is an award-winning free open source hospital information system. You can follow the project's official account at:

➡️ @gnuhealth

The system includes lots of different packages for different departments and settings. You can find out more from the website at

Blockade Australia is a non-violent direct action group that fights against global warming, for example they have forced coal ports to shut down by chaining themselves to machinery.

You can follow them at:

➡️ @Blockadeaustralia

The group's website is at

The Small Technology Foundation researches and promotes online services designed for human beings rather than corporate profits.

You can follow their live streaming account at:

➡️ @fedi

and you can follow the founders at

➡️ @laura

➡️ @aral

The Small Technology Foundation's website is at:

Topio e.V. is a German non-profit organisation which helps ordinary people "de-Google" their phones by installing privacy-friendly operating systems. They run events to help with this including workshops, exhibitions, lectures etc. You can follow at:

(all are in German language)

➡️ (main account)

➡️ (photos)

➡️ @topio_space (events)

Their website is at

Code The City is a grassroots initiative based in Scotland that organises workshops, user groups, hack events etc to promote open data and libre technology as forces for public good.

You can follow at:

➡️ @CTC

Their website is at

PublicSpaces is a non-profit coalition of Dutch broadcasters, museums, arts organisations etc. campaigning for an ethical internet. They organise conferences on this topic, and run their own Fediverse servers.

You can follow at (all in English):

➡️ (main account)

➡️ (videos)

➡️ @TheTimeIsNow (podcasts)

More info at

KostNixLaden Bochum is a free shop in Bochum, Germany, which distributes surplus stuff like clothes and other goods. Anyone can take what they need or donate what they don't need. You can follow at:

➡️ @kostnixladen (in German)

The shop's website is at


FOSSASIA is an organisation that promotes free open source software and open hardware across Asia. It organises events, software and hardware projects, coding workshops etc. You can follow at:

➡️ @fossasia

More info on the official site at

Bits & Bäume ("Bits & Trees") is a German campaign group which aims to build bridges between technology fans and environmentalists. You can follow at:

➡️ @bits_und_baeume (main account, in German)

More info at

Some of the local branches are on here too (all are in German):

➡️ @bitsundbaeume_berlin (Berlin)

➡️ @BitsUndBaeumeDresden (Dresden)

➡️ @bitsundbaeume_stuttgart (Stuttgart)

Computertruhe e.V. are volunteers in Germany who repair abandoned computers so they can be donated to charity.

You can follow their main account and also several local branches:

➡️ @computertruhe (main account, in German)

➡️ @@ComputertruheBerlin (Berlin branch, in German)

➡️ @ComputertruheChemnitz (Chemnitz branch, in German)

➡️ @ComputertruheMuenchen (Munich branch, in German)

Their website is at

Co-op Cloud is an organisation that helps co-operatives and collectives to create their own online clouds using free open source software. You can follow at:

➡️ @coopcloud

You can find out more including technical details at

Fridays For Future Nigeria is an young people's environmental campaign group based in Nigeria, fighting against global warming and other environmental destruction.

You can follow at:

➡️ @FFF

Parents For Future is an international environmental campaign to stop global warming.

You can follow its German and Swedish branches at:

➡️ @parents4future (in German)

➡️ @parents4future_se (in Swedish)

The German website is at and the Swedish site is at

LibreHealth is a volunteer community creating free open source software for healthcare orgs, doctors, hospitals etc. You can follow at:

➡️ @librehealth

Their website is

Their current projects include a health record system, radiology software and an API for building other LibreHealth software.

LibreHealth is a member of @conservancy

Privacy International is a charity which has campaigned for the right to privacy since 1990. You can follow them at:

➡️ (main account)

➡️ (videos)

Their website is at and they also have their own PeerTube instance full of useful videos at

The world is getting pretty grim, with sociopaths invading neighbours etc 😢

Repressive regimes try to control people by tracking and blocking internet traffic.

You can bypass tracks and blocks by using the Tor Project's browser, which routes traffic through a special network that hides its users' activities.

Tor's official account is at:

➡️ @torproject

You can get the Tor browser from their website at

GreenFediverse is a project to list Fedi instances that use environmentally friendlier energy sources for their hosting. You can follow at:

➡️ @greenfediverse

The list is currently available at

The project is looking for help with coding, you can contribute at or

We Are Open Co-Op is a co-operative which helps charities, ethical businesses and public bodies adopt more open approaches to digital policy. You can follow them at:

➡️ @weareopencoop

Their website is at

As it's Aaron Swartz day, you might want to follow one of the projects he created...

SecureDrop is a free open source secure system for whistleblowers to contact journalists anonymously through @torproject. Their official account is at:

➡️ @securedrop

SecureDrop is used by major news organisations and NGOs around the world to receive tips.

Their website is at

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