All about Vinyl is an account posting images from classic vinyl records. You can follow at:

➑️ @vinyl

Wiki Titles Singable to TMNT is a bot that posts wikipedia articles which match up to the 1980s/90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song:

➑️ @tmnt

If you are into retro cartoons, or if you are of a certain age, this will make more sense πŸ˜†

Never Obsolete posts screenshots of computing, tech and gaming from times gone by. You can follow at:

➑️ @256

The posts seem to provoke a lot of memories, it is well worth reading the comments πŸ˜ƒ

The Attic Dwellers is a video account featuring 1980s and 1990s childhood nostalgia. You can follow at:

➑️ @theatticdwellers

It's mainly American, but there's also some international pop culture too like Max Headroom and Lego.

The complete set of videos is visible at

YesterKitchen is a cooking channel about the history of food, with the presenter explaining the history of each dish as she prepares it. You can follow at:

➑️ @yesterkitchen

There's a focus on the origins of American comfort food, and it has a general retro aesthetic harking back to a 1950s USA.

The full selection of videos is visible at

Vex0r is a PeerTube channel about retro pop culture history, especially from the 1990s and 1980s. You can follow at:

➑️ @vex0r

The complete set of videos is visible at

Al's Geek Lab is a video account about retro gaming, technology and related stuff. You can follow at:

➑️ @alsgeeklab

Because TILvids is quite a new instance, many of the older posts may be invisible on your instance. You can see all of them at:

Anatoly Shashkin has an account full of nostalgia about DOS games, including screenshots, clips, videos and podcasts. You can follow at:

➑️ @dosnostalgic

The website is at


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