Philosophy Tube, and Abigail, are just brilliant. Such well made high quality and educational content. Highly recommend her stuff.

Watch "The Hidden Rules of Modern Society | Philosophy Tube" on YouTube


I've been hooked since this one:

She puts so much thought and research into it all. Started the channel in order to share what she was studying in college, and just hasn't slowed down since :ablobcatrainbow:

@IridisSparks nice. Yeah I don't remember which video was the first I watched but it's been a couple years now I think. Everything has always been gold. Actually. Maybe I do remember the first video. It was one where she (well he back then I guess, I honestly don't really know if it's preferred to use current or then pronouns?) was talking about royalty I think. I remember him being on a horse in a park. I'd have to go digging to see if I could find what the video was specifically about.


xDD Ah, I know the one you mean! It was her Christmas episode! Asking why Britain still has a Queen:

( &, iirc, pronouns & names work retroactively.
Which makes plenty of sense.

Most trans folk can *feel* that they are who they are--or else, they feel great discomfort & disbelonging to their assigned gender, from the beginning. And Abigail always felt something was different with her..she just needed the time to figure it out.

She was *always* a woman. )

@IridisSparks yep I think that's the one.

And that makes sense regarding the pronouns. Thanks.

@Finner no, I live in MA. But I love her delivery of that line and how she tied it back to her intro.

@Dananner that's right. I was thinking you were somewhere up in the northeast there. I have a funny 'you probably had to be there' story about a time I helped a friend move his sister to Plymouth.

And I used to go up to Boston for long weekends on occasion to visit a friend that moved up there when I still lived back in PA. That was always a fun time. I was considering moving to Boston for a while, but wound up heading out to CA instead.

@Finner better weather in CA 😅 (despite the droughts and fires)

@Finner aren’t you in one of the Carolinas now?

@Dananner yeah I do still miss the weather in CA. Where we lived on the coast it was pretty much perfect all year around.

And yeah, SC. Honestly, I kind of feel like I prefer the cold northern winters to the hot humid summers down here. Maybe it's because I grew up in that climate. Or maybe it's just been so long since I've TRULY experienced those winters to their full effect. Haha. I may never know for sure.

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