Unreal. Elle just bought a fancy Scrabble board. We're getting ready to play. She says, "have you ever played actual Scrabble before?" Meaning, as opposed to Words with Friends or Wordfued. I'm like.... You've never played Scrabble before? back in my day we'd put the tiles down and then debate as a group whether or not to accept if such a word existed

@Finner is it the black and silver deluxe board 👏 ?

@Finner when I homeschooled- scrabble was how we practiced spelling and math 😂

@Dananner I don't think so. Just a nicer wooden one on a lazy Suzanne spinner thing.

@Dananner we got about half way through and took a break. Didn't finish it yet. Haha. Probably this evening. She's leading by a few points at the moment.

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