Was bored drinking coffee this morning and decided to switch back to using Nova Launcher so I could use custom icons and stuff. I like what I got here but I really really need an update to this icon pack so the Tusky icon is consistent. This is gonna drive me nuts. Haha.

Screenshot (Jul 3, 2022 12:40:16 PM)

@Finner gahh just got really sad listening to a live version of Candlelit. Even the Jaws t-shirt in the video didn't help:(

@shellz_campbell yeah it really is a bummer he's gone. One of my top all time lyricists.

@Finner likely if he didn't suffer from a mental illness he wouldn't have been such a good lyricist🖤

@shellz_campbell yeah great art, somewhat sadly, is often born of struggles like that.

@shellz_campbell there isn't a bad song in their entire discog. All just brilliant.

@Finner I just really liked his voice too. They worked well together. Must still be rough on the rest of the lads.

@shellz_campbell he conveyed a lot of emotion in his singing. A lot of vocalists that I absolutely love have far from traditionally "good" singing voices. But I love them because of all the emotion that shines through.

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