Curious what protocol is most popular amongst the fedi folk for IoT stuff.

If you select other, please comment below.

Also feel free to comment what you like about your choice. I have a decent amount of Wi-Fi stuff right now, but thinking of beginning to transition to either z wave or zigbee to de-clog my Wi-Fi and, from what I’m understand, increase security.

@Finner I only have commercial "things" which all require wi-fi but it's not a choice on my part so I won't polute your poll.

@IPXFong I’m just starting to dig in and read about the zigbee and z wave protocols. All of my current smart home devices are Wi-Fi. Lightbulbs and a few sockets. Cameras.

@Finner I got heavily invested in Google's ecosystem back before "Don't be Evil" got in the way if making money. So I have a bunch of their devices.

@IPXFong this is exactly where I’m at. Regrets. Haha.

@IPXFong about a year ago I dumped my google mesh Wi-Fi and replaced it with opnsense on a little pile of spare parts I had laying around. I created an IoT VLAN, but still haven’t gone through the trouble of actually moving all those devices over to it yet.

@Finner mostly smart speakers and other home automation stuff.

@IPXFong yeah. That’s where I’m at. But considering switching for the aforementioned reasons. I feel like I have WAY too much stuff connected to my Wi-Fi. Some of which wouldn’t be able to be converted, like TVs and speakers I’m sure. But bulbs and things like that I think I can definitely move off Wi-Fi. Though I just realized not I guess I do have zigbee in the house. I installed some IKEA smart blinds and and the hub.

@Finner I'll have to check it out. It never even occurred to me to look at other ways of hooking stuff up. I'll check it out.

@Finner Surprised LoRa and BtLE didn't make the list.


I’ll have to look LoRa up, not familiar with that at all. Is BtLE a protocol you would consider a Home Automation “platform” or protocol though? I only listed the three home automation protocols I was aware of, but included “other” for stuff I didn’t know about.

@Finner I would be surprised if BtLE didn't find some use in home automation. LoRa seems less likely.

@Finner LoRa seems purpose-built for IoT, based on what I've read.

@lopta yeah I took a quick look after you mentioned it earlier. It did seem that way but then I didn’t see much about device manufacturers that were using it for much yet. Seemed a little more niche or something maybe. Looks like Matter is the big new unifying thing coming up that most device manufacturers are moving towards.

@lopta aye. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of the more “standard” off the shelf home automation ecosystem platforms. Maybe I’m not current here, but when I think of BtLE I’m thinking more peripherals and accessories than home automation devices. But there could definitely be stuff I’m not familiar with yet there. Still reading and learning.

@Finner I was thinking more of radios and protocols than finished products. Not sure how prominent those would be on the packaging.

@Finner I'm only just starting to dip my toes into IoT stuff, but I'm aiming for Zigbee when I can. I like that it's an open protocol that, like you said, won't clog my WiFi.

I'm interested in what Thread and Matter will bring to the IoT world. Cautiously hopeful it will make running a smarthome on Home Assistant a lot smoother.

@spencer yeah I need to setup home assistant first and get a handle on that. From what I’ve read thus far, that should be able to handle my routines and it looks like they’ve added some voice command support more recently I think. But then, I need to figure out how I’m replacing the google home minis with something like raspberry PIs running minic3 or something similar. Hard part for me right more seems to be finding a “speaker” based case for the PI.

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