These little jumping spiders are the coolest of the spider bros.

Just saw this guy screaming across the sky above the yard and then just dropped dead. Weird.

First time I've been clean shaven in a long time. For well over a decade now I've almost always had a soul patch at least or some type of facial hair.

The crumb on this stecca bread looks pretty good to me. And the flavor is really nice. Nice and crispy crust with a soft and chewy crumb. I like it. And I'm sure the more I make this the better it will be.

First attempt at making stecca bread baguettes. Just pulled them out of the oven. I think they LOOK ok. Need to let them cool now and see if they actually taste good and see what the crumb looks like.

Was bored drinking coffee this morning and decided to switch back to using Nova Launcher so I could use custom icons and stuff. I like what I got here but I really really need an update to this icon pack so the Tusky icon is consistent. This is gonna drive me nuts. Haha.

Screenshot (Jul 3, 2022 12:40:16 PM)

So I had a day off on my work trip in Green Bay here today. I was told I had to hand a ride out to the little fishing community over on the Lake Michigan coast and go to this place called Smashed on the Rocks and get one of their Loaded Bloody Mary's. This is by far the most insane I've ever eaten/drank. Holy crap.

Just got to my hotel. If only I actually have a crap about football. This would probably be more exciting.

Rental across the street just went vacant a few weeks ago. Some squatters came in and left a bunch of needles laying around. Forensics dusting for prints now.

We're a dog family, have three, for many years now. Never had a cat. A neighbor, who has now moved away, had an outdoor elderly cat that had adopted us a couple months ago. Just basically moved in with us. My wife has become quite smitten with her. This is Sadie. She has a vet appt today.

Duncan says happy memorial day. I'm just gonna chill here on the couch all day.

Ok, time for a more standard beer. A good old Guinness. No affiliation with the business on the glass. And pay no attention to my little table that is apparently not super level.

What a soggy ass day. Got some flooding going on. And apparently some sink holes opening up.

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