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@lucifargundam @shibao I’m going to guess crossed paths with someone from irl in an unexpected online space.

@Fredhead three dogs plus the fact my back door is in clear line of site of my front door makes that pretty tricky. Plus I have several cameras monitoring all possible entrances. “But do they automatically call the cops?” No, and I don’t want them to.


I’m sure they simply pretend they don’t see it on purpose.

I had some teenager trying to sell me a security system. Repeatedly told him politely that I wasn’t interested, I had my own cameras and setup.

Finally had to just get rude and tell him to get gone when he started getting huffy with me and all but threatening me that I was going to get robbed.

Door-knocking solicitors are:

@Dananner yeah the heat of the summer makes summer illnesses so much worse. Glad to hear it isn’t too terrible for you.

Wordle 414 4/6*


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Reno after some Monsoon (which is not a Reno thing) weather. Taken by a friend.


Man this sucks. I hope it doesn’t get too severe and you get better quick.

@heurism aye. I hear ya. I’m thankful I’ve had such a good gig the past 8 years. I’d be incredibly bummed if I had to go backwards on that. Hopefully you can find something close to what you had.


Well you got skills. Are you worried about finding new work? Based on the little of what I know you get in to, have you ever heard of Interstates? We do some work with them, not sure how great they are to work for, but they do IT services for lots of companies. Several of the people I know that work for them work remotely.


Shit. That sucks man. I’m really sorry to hear that.

Wordle 413 4/6*


Wordle 412 4/6*


That was a weird one. Lol.


My thought was, they don’t know WHY my wife laugh’s at me in bed.

It’s just cause I’m such a funny guy.

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