Bitcoin is not just an energy waste. It's also a huge electronic waste : around 12 000 tons of custom hardware (ASIC) produced and thrown each year. That's the equivalent of 100 millions phones, or 12 phones per active bitcoin user (8.2 million) and per year.

@FranckLeroy you don't understand, actually some of the electricity comes from renewables. #bitcoin #dogecoin

@FranckLeroy whats the galaxy brain redditor hot take justifying bitcoin ?
if i may ask

@ThisIsLeeloo @FranckLeroy there are some comments further down in the thread now that will give you a prime example of that galaxy brain take you're looking for.

@ThisIsLeeloo @FranckLeroy

"Consequences shmonsequences, as long as I'm rich!"

(I actually have no idea; it just seems apt.)

@FranckLeroy We need to start talking about people who push this crap as monsters, as worshippers of the #deathcult at best nutters. Need emotion as reason has run its course its time for fear and visible disgust. True in a post truth world only takes you so far.

Agree. @FranckLeroy is a monster for saying people who prefer to save and minimise consumption should be likened to vampires.

Stop being so nasty against savers.

Please show us the supposed e-waste. We want to see the evidence that they are throwing out this stuff and have no intention to recycle.

If you care look at the waste from #Apple and others that don't make repairs and battery changes easy. #China are cracking down on miners who use coal.

We think you are phony.

Ie. We think @FranckLeroy is phony. It wouldn't surprise us if the profile pic was from 'this person does not exist'.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron
Indeed ! This account is a pseudonym. I started writing about the impact of bitcoin under my real name but received threats and insults on my personal email. Bitcoiners is the worse community of internet. Ever.

So you say, we find the bitcoin community to be among the most considerate and sharing. We find staunched anti-bitcoiners are the creeps (and funny how many are anti-govt, and pro-corporatations or have ties to wealthy landholders and druglords, and rarely if ever speak up against *actual* criminal abuses).

Get with the future, stop supporting #filthyFiat-loving criminals and their sundry #bankers.

@pcm @FranckLeroy Fighting corruption by attempting to create a shadow banking system that makes it impossible to trace money laundering, bribes, and other corrupt financial transactions.

I'mma file it right next to military intelligence, bombs for peace, and sustainable coal mining.

@FranckLeroy how many more ways will we discover that BC is a fucking abomination?

@bigblen I came into it for environmental concerns. But the deeper I dig, the more I find silly things. BC is a cult. A dangerous one.

@FranckLeroy more grist to the mill : "I think it's time for us in the tech world to speak out and make it clear the emperor has no clothes here. Cryptocurrency is sustained by a mix of money laundering, vaporware, fraud, ransomware, gambling, and delusion."

@FranckLeroy Hmm, how many computers and cell phones bankers use and much energy all the banks use.

@FranckLeroy That's really bad comparison, visa is only small fraction of it, you have to count also banks and central banks.

@Mac_CZ Yeah I know, comparisons are never enough for you bitcoiners, you think Bitcoin will end wars and cancer and bad breath.

Bitcoin uses half of the energy of the whole banking system, used daily by billions for real economy ... while Bitcoin is only uses by less than 0.1% of world population, for pure gambling.

This is sick.

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