1/ Talking with bitcoiners about ecoloy, I realize most people have very poor understanding of the issues at work (the survival of humanity in the medium term) and are buying into the myths/greenwashing of the industry that wants to keep selling us its crap 👇👇👇

2/ Those myths are :
- It is possible to create a circular economy and recycle (false)
- We just need to electrify our lifestyle and power it with renewable energy (false)

3/ These are dangerous lies, which suggest that we can continue to waste resources and energy on a massive scale, no problem.

4/ In reality, climate change is only one of the multiple major challenges we face. Our civilization is simultaneously hitting all the physical limits of this planet:
➡️ We have triggered the 6th mass extinction of species.

5/ This one is 10 to 100 times faster than the one triggered by a meteorite.
➡️ We are running out of resources: oil, some metals, sand, ...
➡️ We are running out of drinking water
➡️ Fish stocks are decreasing

6/ There is no green / clean energy. Energy is almost infinite but the systems that allow us to transform it are not. They have an impact.

7/ Renewable energies have a lesser (but not null) carbon footprint impact but require (a lot of) metals (polluting to extract and in finite quantity), concrete (sand in limited quantity), space (used by wildlife).

8/ If you think that drowning hectares of valleys for hydraulic energy is ecological / without impact, you do not understand what it is about.

9/ Also, developing renewable energy is *not* a goal in itself ! The goal is to reduce our impacts (carbon but not only). If you double the global consumption and power this rise with 100% renewable energy, the global impact has increased.

10/ In physics, the energy spent measures the irreversible transformations we make to the world: extraction, transformation, use, waste.

11/ We do this at a much higher rate than the environment can support/regenerate: the atmosphere cannot absorb the carbon we release, regenerate the oil and resources we extract, filter the water tables we pollute.

12/ It is impossible to reduce our impacts while continuing to increase our consumption.

The developing countries deserve a growth of their uses to reach a decent standard of living. This is another reason for rich countries to reduce their impacts.

13/ We have to start by controlling our uses, being economical, using efficient systems, before thinking about how we power them.

14/ Car is a good example: moving 2 tons of metal to transport a 70 kg human is stupid. Whether it is electric or autonomous does not change it : It's not an efficient or sustainable system.

15/ The good news is that it is possible to massively reduce our impacts without going back to the stone age:
➡️ Eat (much) less meat
➡️ Abandon the private car for other means of transportation
➡️ Don' take planes anymore

16/ ➡️ Limit our purchases: buy a minimum of new objects, repair, give, resell

Many changes require structural political choices.

17/ In any case, burning as much electricity as Sweden, with the carbon footprint of whole Belgium, and as much electronic waste as 100 M cell phones / year, to power a giant casino used by less than 0.1% of the world's population is an absolute disgrace and insult to ecology.

@FranckLeroy nice thread, totally agree. Because Facts. If you've not read it already I think you'd like Jason Hickel's book Less is More

@castagnini I don't and I won't. But I would pledge for stabilization of population and decrease of consumption rather than the other way around.

@FranckLeroy I just find impressive that if you don't have children you can pollute pretty much what you want and still be more eco friendly than me. I am afraid the stabilization of the population will happen in the painful way anyways...

@castagnini It will. The whole point is to make it less painful and to limit the collapse

@FranckLeroy Stopping the military war industry should be high up on that list.
Whole lot of resources going into that one.
Also smash capitalism.

Completely agree priority is reducing impacts urgently - 2050 will be too late to stop cataclysmic changes already moving.
People need hope there is an alternative that can get us out of this mess though, or they'll simply party like there's no tomorrow because it will be self-fulfilling.
Tech alone won't save us, but it can help. We need urgent reform of political systems and for people globally to abandon Capitalism, as it is the driving force for our destruction.

@FranckLeroy how the heck do you run out of sand, when one of the dangers we're facing is desertification??

@meena @FranckLeroy :) Sand is not just "sand" - different kinds of sand can be made of entirely different stuff, in different proportions.
I imagine that what was meant was "we're running out of the kinds of pure silica sand that are useful for our critical industries".
As you say, deserts are spreading, but what are theur new sands made of? I don't know but I doubt it's "useful" sand for semiconductors.

@seachaint @FranckLeroy probably dried up earth that no water, humus and plants were holding together

@meena @FranckLeroy Gosh I hope so, that might mean the deserts have better potential for regeneration. I haven't a clue what desert-sand is composed of..

@seachaint @meena @FranckLeroy There's no way we're running out of sand, but it's going to be like how we're not really running out of oil: there's a ton left, it's just getting worse and worse to extract

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