" is the currency for all the unbanked !"

... well except that, technically, it can't.
RT @FranckLeroy_
/ does not scale (again)

is capped to the (ridiculous) limit of 400k tx / day.
Lightning Network supposed to fix scalability issues still requires to set up 1 channel = 1 tx for each person.

7 billion / 400k = 47 years.

is ridiculous.

@FranckLeroy Bitcoin is a decentralized casino token system used to create the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the economy. It is privately created, it is mostly owned by a few exchanges and zombie companies that have bought their Bitcoins with fake digital dollars with no backing, Bitcoin is a scam.

@Hyolobrika @FranckLeroy that would mean we're talking (7bln)² in fact.

Not sure that helps with the math...

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