emits 10x more CO2 than what the global @tesla fleet "saves" / year.

By investing in it, @elonmusk pumps its prices, with direct impact on its consumption & impact.

All @tesla's carbon credits should be cancelled & refunded.

cf : medium.com/crypto-lucid/bitcoi

It uses as much energy as it needs, which is actually not that much in proper context. If govts (incl. #China and #USA) stopped attacking #bitcoin and #bitcoiners to prepare for their #CBDC, their'd be even less of an issue.

Over a month ago, it was at least good to see China crack down on miners using dirty fuel. So these points are all moot points in reality.

Bitcoin reduces consumption via saving, thus the most sustainable revolution we've seen in history.



@dsfgs @tesla "It uses as much energy as it needs" No it burns as much as it can.

The consumption dropped 50% after China's crackdown and yet the networks still works : proof those extra 50% were absolute useless waste the whole time.

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Actually it seemed to have made many question bitcoins security and caused a rather significant dip.

We know this because haters were busy basking in the dip as if bitcoiners particularly cared.

Getting ever stronger and more sustainable by the day. #Bitcoin.

> Bitcoin uses as much energy as it can.

With the exception of #China it would seem, govts and bigBusiness seem fairly content to consume as much energy as they possibly can too.


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