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Place one hundred people on an island from which there is no escape...

After a 50% drop following China's ban, Bitcoin's footprint is increasing rapidly and steadily : miners are settling again.

It raised by 45% in one month, from 33 to 48 million tons of CO2 / year, almost reaching the footprint of Sweden (50 Mt / year).


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BREAKING: Thousands of users now reporting they cannot access their funds, or withdrawal.

This is why you don't have healthcare. Not immigrants. Not food stamps. This.

Are such transactions flagged as "retail" or "criminal" when running statistics on money laundering & criminal activities in crypto ?
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This NFT just sold for…

$130 million dollars.

Money laundering well done! 👏

emits 10x more CO2 than what the global @tesla fleet "saves" / year.

By investing in it, @elonmusk pumps its prices, with direct impact on its consumption & impact.

All @tesla's carbon credits should be cancelled & refunded.

cf : medium.com/crypto-lucid/bitcoi

Vaccines *WORK*
Get vaccinated.
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Voilà à mon avis la donnée la plus pertinente à suivre : le nb d’admissions à l’hôpital, en proportion de chaque groupe.

Prenez un groupe aléatoire de 10 Mio de non-vax et 10 Mio de vaccinés. Il y avait le 25 juillet 72 adm dans le premier gp contre 7 adm dans le second.

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Remember when you complained about climate activists blocking the roads?

The future of finance. 🤡🤡🤡
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Breaking: One of the largest cross-chain protocols, O3, has a problem, involving more than 150 million US dollars. For the time being, It is not sure if it was hacked or stolen. @O3_Labs

Full decoupling of GDP vs carbon footprint is still uncertain (and way too slow anyway)
Full decoupling of GDP vs happiness is a reality already.

Developed countries DON'T NEED to produce and buy more crap every year than the year before.

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Absolutely terrifying footage from a ferry carrying passengers escaping the shores of Lake Evia in .

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Bitcoin footprint cancels 10 times the annual CO2 "savings" of the global Tesla's fleet. By still supporting Bitcoin, @elonmusk is ruinning the environmental benefits of its company.

Check our Bitcoin CO2 counter : medium.com/crypto-lucid/bitcoi

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China's ban cut the footprint of Bitcoin by half, without affecting its operation, proving this extra power was a total waste from the start. We need more bans like this to tackle the insane footprint of Proof Of Waste.

Check our bitcoin CO2 counter: medium.com/crypto-lucid/bitcoi

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BREAKING: Binance US CEO Brian Brooks announces his resignation after just a few short months amid ongoing scrutiny from dozens of regulators, and agencies.

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@gotarevolution1 @photon_queen @libertytarian Hope this helps

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