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I see the whole “dontkillcryto” trending, and my only response is:
Cryptocurrency is an environmental catastrophe, failed currency replacement, and enables the rich to launder their money and evade taxes.

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Strong regulation is the mechanism to and end the madness.

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« Il n'y a pas d'autre solution que d’arrêter la pratique de brûler des combustibles fossiles. La compensation carbone est au mieux une indulgence pour la mauvaise conscience des riches, et au pire un mécanisme pour retarder une véritable action climatique. »

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Former Obama economist @jasonfurman on the crypto fracas: "If the technology makes it impossible to know people's capital gains, then the technology should not exist."

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Absolutely terrifying footage from a ferry carrying passengers escaping the shores of Lake Evia in .

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Bitcoin footprint cancels 10 times the annual CO2 "savings" of the global Tesla's fleet. By still supporting Bitcoin, @elonmusk is ruinning the environmental benefits of its company.

Check our Bitcoin CO2 counter :

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China's ban cut the footprint of Bitcoin by half, without affecting its operation, proving this extra power was a total waste from the start. We need more bans like this to tackle the insane footprint of Proof Of Waste.

Check our bitcoin CO2 counter:

I release a new tool : Bitcoin live CO2 counter, updated daily. Based on the data of Cambridge University.
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Check our new tool : The Bitcoin live CO2 counter, providing insights on the evolution of the footprint of Bitcoin.

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BREAKING: Binance US CEO Brian Brooks announces his resignation after just a few short months amid ongoing scrutiny from dozens of regulators, and agencies.

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@gotarevolution1 @photon_queen @libertytarian Hope this helps

To you, what is the most pathetic claim of bitcoiners?

Bitcoin :

Stop calling it "natural gas".
It is fossil methane.
A transition from coal to methane is like a junk quitting crack for heroin : we are binding ourselves to a very dirty fossil industry with short term impact on climate much worse than CO2 itself.

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Do you know how much privilege you must wield in this world to turn down a COVID vaccine? I primarily live in a country where people are begging, fighting, protesting, and nearly dying for vaccines. The PRIVILEGE i have to be able to up and leave and get one FOR FREE in the US…

You still need a bunch of those, burning the same power as Argentina to maintain the giant crypto casino on which you base your "freedom". This does not look sustainable or "off the grid" to me.

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I don’t want a Lambo, fancy watches, a ridiculously high maintenance super yacht, mansion etc... Put me on a remote island with perfect waves with zero rules or regulations and I’m happy.

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July 2021 was the third hottest July globally ever measured, and the second hottest July in Europe.

A coal power plant in fire in Turkey.
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Apocalyptic scenes from Turkey’s Milas where wildfires are burning a coal based thermal plant

People are concerned that the coal also would cause further air pollution and a separate environmental disaster

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