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Alberta could be the new Xinjiang; except with only a single owner for 33% of the physical equipment in the Bitcoin network.

Vaccines *WORK*
Get vaccinated.
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Voilà à mon avis la donnée la plus pertinente à suivre : le nb d’admissions à l’hôpital, en proportion de chaque groupe.

Prenez un groupe aléatoire de 10 Mio de non-vax et 10 Mio de vaccinés. Il y avait le 25 juillet 72 adm dans le premier gp contre 7 adm dans le second.

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Remember when you complained about climate activists blocking the roads?

Here is the thing. You can't have both :
- a decentralized permissionless system
- a safe system resilient to hacks

Those are two deeply mutually exclusive properties.
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The hacker has deposited $USDC and $DAI to the curve.

We appeal token issuers to blacklist assets coming from the above address. @MakerDAO @circlepay

Ho look ! Stranded renewables again !

Hey @elonmusk @michael_saylor
How is your Mining Council / Greenwashing on steroid going ?
How about Elon pays back the carbon credits he benefits from ?

Bunch of crooks and criminals.
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'Up to 1 million' bitcoin processors could be relocated to Alberta from China under energy firm's proposal

The future of finance. 🤡🤡🤡
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Breaking: One of the largest cross-chain protocols, O3, has a problem, involving more than 150 million US dollars. For the time being, It is not sure if it was hacked or stolen. @O3_Labs

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Moore Cayman (4 employees) issues a white-wash attestation for Tether (21 employees).

Tether (21) is among the commerical paper giants Vanguard (20.252) and BlackRock (21.516).

All seems legit. Please disperse, nothing to see here.

How come the world is aiming at a catastrophic +2° before 2040 while Bitcoin, the main incentive to renewables, is bullish at $46k ? This does not fit.

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Scientists: The world is passing severe climate tipping points. It's exactly what we feared. Stop burning carbon.
VCs: Here's 20m for proof of work blockchain tech that makes it easier to launder gambling winnings in SE Asia.

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Dingue, cette personne porte le même nom qu'une ministre de l'écologie qui avait une opportunité il y a quelques mois : ça s'appelait la loi climat.

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“I trust my immune system” is such a weird reason not to get the vaccine.

Yeah, I trust mine to protect me too, which is why I gave it a detailed dossier on what the virus looks like so it can handle it.

🔴 Last IPPC Report - Live

With current emissions, we'll reach +2° before 2050.
+4° in 2100.

Ten years ago, +2° was not expected before 2100.

No large scale organized society can survive at +4°.
We are talking about the end of humanity as we know it.

Full decoupling of GDP vs carbon footprint is still uncertain (and way too slow anyway)
Full decoupling of GDP vs happiness is a reality already.

Developed countries DON'T NEED to produce and buy more crap every year than the year before.

I am eager to see a broad tax on crypto, so gamblers could finally "stax" for the common good.

"Bitcoin has limited supply"
So explain me how "price" affect supply again ?
Those guys are really the kings of 🤡🤡🤡
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price would need to move to $53k to address the demand/supply imbalance in the market.

Idea - Rick rolling an NFT :
1) Sell a NFT (URL) of a cryptopunk (or similar crap) to some sucker
2) Update the URL to point to
3) Enjoy

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