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In 2022, storing gold under your mattress is still far more secure than investing in cryptocurrency.
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The amounts of crypto being stolen has exploded thanks to a steady stream of DeFi hacks. The stolen proceeds are mostly being sent to "risky services" — which means mixers like Tornado Cash.


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The simplest macroeconomic argument against Bitcoin, in plain English, is that currencies that allow for less flexibility create more societal hardship.

What they say :
"I work on crypto currencies"

What I hear :
"I work on the Manhattan project"

* Crypto bros : "We need POW to ensure proper decentralization."

*Crypto "decentralization" :

For the record, the average electricity footprint in Texas is 500g / kWh.

This monstrous shit will eventually emit
700 MW * 24 * 365 * 0.5 kg =
3 millions metric tons of CO2 per year.

This is equivalent to the yearly footprint of 300 000 european citizens. This is insane.

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*Bitcoiners : "Bitcoin is getting greener"

*Miners : "Let's burn 700 MW of Coal & Gas (~half a nuclear power plant) for guessing random numbers".

Those guys are pure evil.
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[Riot's Data Center Project | Visual Tour]

@RiotBlockchain Data Center is located in Rockdale, Texas. In this video, enjoy the 4-minute loop capturing our daily process of building and operating the facility.

Web 1.0 was socialist
Web 2.0 is capitalist
Web 3.0 is libertarian

Only v1.0 was decentralized.
Each version is getting worse.

That's how much the Bitcoin industry is laughing at us. They sent the greenwashing narrative to the moon.

They burn coal and call it "clean energy".

To hell with them.

"Crypto mining is getting greener".

No. It. Is. Not :

"According to the study, the Bitcoin network’s use of green energy sources also dropped to an average of 25 percent in August 2021 from 42 percent in 2020. "

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Crypto is a replica of everything crooked about the current system. Except it's worse because it now provides the perfect toolkit for anyone to engage in the same financial horseplay as the Wall Street colossus.

So the people's money is supported by a bunch of multi-billionaires? Do you really think you have common interests with this bunch of jerks ?
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People that believe in crypto:

Tesla CEO
Uber CEO
Apple CEO
Nvidia CEO
PayPal CEO
Airbnb CEO
Google CEO
Microsoft CEO
Mastercard CEO
Meta Co-Founder
Apple Co-Founder
Reddit Co-Founder
Twitch Co-Founder
Twitter Co-Founder
Morgan Stanley CEO
Goldman Sachs CEO
Charles Schwab CEO

You can't artificially pump a buzzword forever.
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Interest In NFTs And The Metaverse Is Falling Fast

is incredibly innovative.

This is the first time in human history that a system has been designed to be energy inefficient and resistant to any future technical progress.

It's beyond comprehension.

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