Going live w/ more twilight princess!

Why do they always have to blow leaves in the morning on my day off it's rude

ah yes, the linux colonel, created by mr. linux tarballs

I make enough of these things that I know what they look like both raw and cooked. The impossible Patty looks nothing like beef

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Always entertained when I read reviews for the place I work at. Someone that complains that they got a beef patty when they ordered an impossible burger. They uploaded a photo, of an impossible Patty. They were fully convinced that they're impossible Burger was made of beef, when it was in fact, not.

Going live with more twilight princess!

if cis people are allowed to burn down half of california with a gender reveal party i think whenever a trans person comes out, they should be allowed to burn down a police station

pretty glad to have flatmates who gender me correctly tbh


I tried to take some dishes out of the washer today and some... Like some parts of the dishwasher came off? Gonna have to ask the office to send a repair guy tomorrow.

I forgot to smoke weed today how am I supposed to work while sober

Swapped over back to gnome on a whim. Keeping kde installed in case I ever feel like jumping back.

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