Living in a mixed home automation world - mostly ancient Insteon with a smattering of HomeKit and a fair amount of spit and toilet paper holding it all together. Perhaps it’s time to ditch Insteon?

Thousands of busy people start their day with Refind. I'm sure you'll like it, too.

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In the German Rhineland, six further villages are planned to be destroyed to expand the largest coal mine of Europe. This is absurd. Today we visited those defending the villages and fighting for the coal to stay in the ground. We are standing with you. #AlleDörferBleiben


Happy and release day. Now would be a good time to turn on content caching if you have the option to do it and more than one device to update. Think of all of the app updates coming.

Having too much fun writing filter code for IFTTT applets.

Now that tech support woes are addressed (at least, I can’t do anything about it), time to work!

It will be interesting to see what I get as a replacement for the defective new monitor. Dell promised a new one (not refurbished), but the model I have is hard to get.

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Another day of monitor hell. Old monitor died just after warranty expired. Got payout from credit card from purchase protection. New monitor (different brand) arrived defective. Sheesh.

Finally bit the bullet and decided to figure out enough Javascript to customize my IFTTT applets. It actually wasn't too painful.

This showed up on my “On This Day” feed in my Day One journal and it’s worth sharing again.

Alcoholic beverage 

Enjoying a paper plane (bourbon, aperol, amaro averna, lemon juice), nice weather, and lots of birdsong.

The cell phone is his favorite toy. (Yes, he has a tech addiction. Guess who he got that from?) But, he has to dig through the rest of his toys to get to it.

What could possibly go wrong with this kind of tech in ’s hands?

Facebook’s new AI teaches itself to see with less human help

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