This would probably make more sense if I properly typed ‘rewiring’ instead of ‘retiring.’ Maybe that’s a sign that I need to retire?

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I have used this @xkcdComic First Amendment explanation for years - banning trolls and those who join communities only to harm. Crisp and truthful stickperson words.

Spent a good part of the day completely retiring the office. So satisfying to clear up the clutter that gathered since the last time.

I just found a nice Mastodon client for macOS: Roma iOS app running on Big Sur on an M1 Mac mini. ;)

This weekend’s adventure was moving my home automation to a new M1 Mac Mini. This machine is impressive.

Happy New Year, fellow photographers. Don’t forget to update your copyright dates!

Just spent the last hour or so trying to help one of my team members submit a timesheet. Apparently, an overzealous administrator updated the timesheet and submitted but it was wrong. While the team member was correcting it, the administrator kept making changes. We spend so much time tracking time. 2020 isn't over yet.

4 more days until I have to get back to work and I’m already not looking forward to it.

We pre-ordered NYE dinner from a local restaurant we’ve wanted to try for a while. I ordered a smoked duck breast. I just got an email from the restaurant saying, “The fuck didn’t come in today, may I interest you in something else?” Best autocorrect fail ever. Appropriate, too, since I have zero fucks left to give about 2020.

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Does anyone know of a good plus sized clothing store online? I have a friend who's really struggling to find stuff they like that fits.

If I even briefly entertained the idea of not having a cocktail tonight, a quick glance at the news convinced me otherwise.

Trying to decide if the base alcohol for tonight's cocktail should be rye, gin, tequila, or vodka. Should I start a poll?

Just remember, next year is pronounced twenty twenty won. 😩

Anyone out there familiar with surround sound codes, Apple TV 4K, and NAD receivers? I'd love some advice on confirming my set up. (And, I'm bored, so it's time to play with configuration screens.)

Now that I'm getting back into Mastodon, what are the best client apps for iOS and Mac?

Still trying to decide how I want to navigate the fediverse. I'm thinking I use one instance as home and follow from there, but join other instances of interest to find new people to follow. That will let me have a consolidated home feed, but I would miss some conversations on other instances I belong to unless I monitor them regularly. Am I overthinking this?


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