I’m a simple soul. I like peace and quiet, reading and gardening. I’m a)old and b) extremely isolated. So, for example no kids or young people to ask about techie stuff. I regularly go a couple of weeks without interacting with anyone. So the other place has been hugely important to me, where I have about 7k followers. I would rather be on here though if I can get it right.

@continuation thank you, I like it on here so far, apart from the techie problems!

@GardenNicola Lots of people ready and glad to help however we can - just ask any time. And include tags like , which will help make sure people see the questions.

@continuation thank you. I’m about to delete the app and start again on a web based version (I think!) There may well be a long pause!

@tattooed_mummy thanks, I’m not able to see my Local or Fed timelines on the app for iPad. Bit of a long story, but I’m determined to learn.

@continuation thanks again I will try it. T/L suddenly full of gardeners which is lovely.

@GardenNicola I had the same issue with the official app, not being able to see the local and federated feeds, I really like being able to easily go look at those!

@continuation yes indeed. Really enjoying it now. Also hugely relieved it wasn’t me being dense, which would otherwise be my mind’s default position!

@GardenNicola here via @tattooed_mummy and in similar state re importance of online connections. V happy to connect. Am also fairly techie, so please feel free to direct those questions this way

@GardenNicola hi there, I'm not very techi at all, I enjoy pottering around the garden when I'm in the mood, it's a tiny garden and I'm not very knowledgeable but like sharing my efforts

@GardenNicola I've just bought a bougainvillea, goodness knows how that's going to fair in a small Staffordshire garden

@tattooed_mummy @GardenNicola I love them too, but have really only seen them around the Med, hopefully my garage wall gets enough sun for it, and it stays warm too

@GardenNicola Hi. I love plants and take photos most days. I don’t have a garden but I live in a council owned churchyard and I have a meadow coming up for the first time this year!

@GardenNicola it does appear to be far friendlier here, with people more willing to have a chat

@GardenNicola change is as good as a rest (and other old people sayings😊)

@GardenNicola There are times when it may be two weeks before venturing away from the farm. Glad you got on Metatext. There is a learning curve - I’m only a few days old myself.

@GardenNicola hiya! 👋 feel free to ask my any techy questions 😊

@GardenNicola welcome here Nicola! Hope you enjoy your time on the fediverse and find your community.
Browsing the #florespondence hashtag should bring up a few lovely humans.

@GardenNicola hello! Welcome! I know mastodon can be quite a learning curve, but I find it much more about building mutual friendships than other places. I hope you're finding it a worthy experiment to continue! :_earth: :flan_flowers:

@GardenNicola Hi, Paula. Welcome. I'm part of the influx, too, although not from the other place. I was checking out masto to take something off my overburdened spouse's to-do list, fell down the rabbit hole, and stayed.

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