@Gargron I've never bought a stock before, so I can't participate in this GME thing until eTrade lets me get setup, and it might be over by then. In the meantime, Cashapp let me buy a bit of AMC... My first direct stock purchase ever.

@pandora_parrot I remember when GME hit $100 I thought "Aw, it's too late to get on this bandwagon". It hit $350 today, and I am thinking, "Aw, it's too late to get on this bandwagon".

@Gargron @Gargron yeah it’s quite a wild ride. Part of me has FOMO and the other is more sane.

@Gargron They have taken it down and the discord. The billionaires dont play. Everyone should be on mastodon anyway lol

@Gargron It's because of them, the rich are getting a taste of their own medicine 😂

@Gargron alll we need is IMAGINATION and we can be like that too....wanna get a cardboard box?

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