Show more is down, I have issues connecting to the machines, contacted Hetzner support to find out the cause, I suspect their router broke again

Fondly remembering hanging out in geet's discord and listening to music with other folks at the beginning of the year which feels forever ago now

It's getting harder to distinguish Steven Wilson from Matthew Bellamy visually, musically, and thematically

I'm the kind of person that goes to the gym starting this week

:clippy: It seems like you have posted a cringe. Would you like to lose subscriber?

I crave exercise. I want to sign up for a gym soon.

"Gender reveal party" is the dumbest shit I've ever heard

It's interesting to me that Yello is a Swiss band but knowing about it is a telltale of my eastern-european upbringing

Honestly when you scroll through your home feed trying to imagine how a stranger would see it you realize just how much junk there is in it.

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Can y'all stop boosting someone with the username "horsefucker" into my home feed for 5 MINUTES

I've been pretty deep in work for the past couple of days and it's making me feel really isolated

All I know is walk 5k a day, cook my own food and not know how to finish this joke

Can't get those notes right need to keep practicing

"Every step towards the goal is a step backwards in terms of my ability to urinate in public"

- A Ziltoidian Rapture

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