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I'm not burning body fat as fast as I'd like (or at all? I can't tell) but I'm aware that it's mostly a diet thing and not an exercise thing.

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It's been 4 weeks, I look slightly more fit, I think, but the difference is more subtle than I'd prefer.

How to remember which of my accounts is which when tagging me:

.social = I'm there to talk to you
.online = I'm just vibing

I'll be 28 in January and I still haven't got things figured out

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You know you're doing something wrong when Americans start going to sleep and you're still up

I need to get one of those mesh covers for the frying pan so oil doesn't sprinkle everywhere all the time

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Degreased the stove top, kitchen counter and kitchen sink; loaded up the dishwasher to run in the morning

The scariest thing about Halloween is that someone could ring your door

While you are preparing for Halloween I am already preparing for Christmas

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