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Why do already suspended accounts keep getting reported? Are you guys not on 3.3.0 yet or is it some bug?

Is a Twitter exodus not connected to right-wing extremists too much to ask for

People going around just claiming to have been project managers for the Mastodon project

Imagine having a space to store a long-term supply of food that does not consume space you can cook on? Couldn't be me

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Everyday is just checking twitter, realizing that it’s literally hell on earth, then going on mastodon and realizing that it’s a different kind of hell on earth

New Years resolution? I don't know, 1080p would be fine, honestly

2020 huh. Some good things happened, bad things didn't affect me too much, so I can't complain too much, but it was a bland year

I tried going to sleep much earlier last night, ended up "napping" for 3 hours then woke and couldn't fall asleep again. My whole body is tired

So, I’m awake, and I’m in a bad mood. What the hell do I do today

I feel a bit of regret for not preparing a more substantial Christmas dinner now that I've seen what other people have made. Well, next time.

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